Session 6: An Introduction to the TRIPS Agreement UPOV, 1978 and 1991 and WIPO-Administered Treaties

The TRIPs Agreement has obliged countries to initiate policy and legal processes to adapt their IPR legislation to TRIPs standards, including developing legislation to protect new plant varieties. Some countries have adhered to UPOV or have used a ‘UPOV-like approach’. Many other countries are still discussing the level of flexibility they have to design sui generis regimes for the protection of local plant varieties and land races. In this context, the reference to patents, plant patents, plant breeders’ rights or sui generis regimes conjures up all kinds of debates and discussions, especially among countries that feel they need to adapt to TRIPs (and a TRIPs-plus dynamic promoted by the US through bilateral and regional free-trade agreements in particular) but to do this in accordance to their own social, economic, technological and cultural needs and interests. WIPO administers a series of treaties and conventions that are used to implement other provisions of TRIPs standards are of relevance to plant material and information regarding plants.

Training materials for session 6 include lecture notes, a PowerPoint presentation and an interactive group practice exercise. This exercise aims to apply knowledge acquired in this session to contribute to the design of policies relevant to PGRFA at national level, taking into account (a) the international context, and (b) the characteristics of agriculture, production and national technological and development objectives.

Additional handouts to enrich the training include a summary of overheads for each presentation, references to the full-text of relevant laws and policies and a bibliography for further reading.

Other materials for trainers include an overview with a complete list of handouts, workshop schedule, an evaluation form and Day 3 Instructions for Trainers with a timed schedule of activities and handouts. See also Information for Trainers , for a selection of templates, tips, and step-by-step guidelines for planning and delivering a successful training workshop.

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