Information for trainers

How to Use the Module

Provides practical tips for trainers on how to use the resource materials provided in this module to organize and deliver a 5-day training workshop.

 How to use the module (136 KB)

Learning approach

This learning module provides trainers (or learning facilitators) with the information, specific activities and materials they need to effectively plan and  deliver a learning programme. Because each trainer and each learning situation is unique, planning is critical to the success of any programme. This module encourages participation and provides hands-on, problemsolving experiences and exercises.

 Learning approach (116 KB)

Pre-Workshop Instructions for Trainers

These instructions provide practical tips and templates for trainers on how to prepare for the workshop in advance with sample letters, checklist of training support materials, course schedule, participant registration form and workshop evaluation.

 Pre-workshop instructions (196 KB)

Learning plan

The learning plan provides the trainer with all the information and materials required for planning and implementing a five-day workshop. It contains suggested activities that have been field tested, with instructions for trainers. The trainer is encouraged to draw on these ideas to devise tailor-made exercises appropriate to his or her specific training situation.

 Learning plan (101 KB)

Instructions for Trainers: Sessions 1-13

Provides detailed, step-by-step instructions for trainers to successfully deliver the different sessions of the workshop. Gives objectives, time schedules coordinated with the list of handouts, and guidelines for coordinating the group exercises for best results. Note for Session 5: See new Learning Module on the International Treaty which replaces Session 5. 

 Session 1 (130 KB)
 Session 2 (124 KB)
 Session 3 (127 KB)
 Session 4 (114 KB) 
 (165 KB)

 Session 6 (141 KB)
 Session 7 (117 KB)
 Session 8 (128 KB)
 Session 9 (105 KB)

 Session 10 (127 KB)
 Session 11 (124 KB)
 Session 12 (122 KB)
 Session 13 (114 KB)

Instructions for Trainers: Reviews of Regional Policy Instruments, Developments and Trends

Provides detailed, step-by-step instructions for trainers to successfully deliver the review of Regional Policy Instruments, Developments and Trends. Trainers should allow one day for the regional exercise. The approach, format and components are very similar to the base module. Note that the regional learning plan is intended to be used together with the base learning module.

 Review of Latin America (139 KB)
 Review of Central and West Asia
and North Africa
 (141 KB)

 Review of Sub Saharan Africa (145 KB)
 Review of Developing countries of Asia,
the Pacific and Oceania
 (163 KB)

Access to the original training materials

Trainers who wish to re-purpose the materials for use in another course or workshop, may have access to the original Word files by contacting:

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Via dei Tre Denari, 472/a
00057 Maccarese (Fiumicino), Rome, Italy

E-mail:  Bioversity(at)
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