Session 12. Developing Goals, Priorities and Strategies for Plant Genetic Resources for the Republic of Tanwanbia: A Hypothetical Case

This session is a final summary exercise that requires participants to apply everything they have learned in the previous sessions to a hypothetical case in a national situation. Countries often have in place policies and legislation directly or indirectly related to plant genetic resources. Policies and laws regarding protected areas, general natural resources or biodiversity, forestry, etc., all have an influence on plant genetic resources. However, it is also the case that more specific policies and laws, strategies, action plans and/or programmes (derived from the CBD, IT or other instruments) may be required to address access to and conservation, maintenance and distribution of plant genetic resources. This is particularly the case in a context where new technologies making use of biodiversity components and breeding techniques are evolving and developing at a rapid pace.

Training materials for session 12 include a PowerPoint presentation and a role-playing exercise. This exercise aims to apply the provisions of the international legal and policy covered in the module to a concrete national situation, thus enabling to a national strategy, action plan or program on genetic resources for a public institution responsible for science and technology policies.

Note: Trainers should instruct participants to address legal and policy-related issues in the plan they make for Tanwanbia. They need not limit themselves to those issues, but there should be a legal and policy component to each proposal.

Additional handouts to enrich the training include a summary of overheads for each presentation, references to the full-text of relevant laws and policies and a bibliography for further reading.

Other materials for trainers include an overview with a complete list of handouts, workshop schedule, an evaluation form and Day 5 Instructions for Trainers with a timed schedule of activities and handouts. See also Information for Trainers , for a selection of templates, tips, and step-by-step guidelines for planning and delivering a successful training workshop.

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