Session 13: Participant Action Plan Approach (PAPA) and workshop evaluation

The last session of this workshop discusses how best to plan actions for future activities. At the end of the session, the participants evaluate and provide feedback on the workshop.

Training materials for session 13 include a PowerPoint presentation, lecture notes about PAPA and two forms for the participants to fill out: A workshop evaluation and a PAPA action plan.

Additional handouts to enrich the training include a summary of overheads for each presentation, references to the full-text of relevant laws and policies and a bibliography for further reading.

Other materials for trainers include an overview with a complete list of handouts, workshop schedule, an evaluation form and Day 5 Instructions for Trainers with a timed schedule of activities and handouts. See also Information for Trainers , for a selection of templates, tips, and step-by-step guidelines for planning and delivering a successful training workshop.

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