Training sessions

The sessions of this learning module give important information to professionals who manage, conserve and use plant genetic resources (PGR) in developing countries and/or who have policy-making responsibilities in this field. The Learning Module includes 13 sessions that flow from a general context including history and development of law and policy related to PGR and international policy and legal instruments and issues affecting the management of plant genetic resources, such as the Convention on Biological Diversity and the International Treaty for Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture to more specific but equally important themes and issues such as IPRs and biosafety, among others. The sessions are designed for a 5-day workshop, but can also be used independently for classroom teaching or short seminars.

Each session contains lecture notes, PowerPoint presentations and practical group exercises with notes to trainers that reinforce an understanding of the impact and working of policy and law in the types of situations that professionals in plant genetic resources can expect to face. Session 12 provides an interactive role-play exercise based on a hypothetical case, that allows participants to apply all the learning gained from the course and their previous experience to solving a real life policy situation.

Every session also contains information for trainers such as presentation tips and step-by-step guidelines, schedules, lists of handouts, and learning plans for delivering a successful training workshop. Session 13 on the Participant Action Plan Approach (PAPA) provides a methodology to follow up with trainees on application of the learning, post-training.